Movebutter is the modern grocer. We ship our brand of groceries nationwide. By removing middlemen and waste, we’re making incredible food more affordable. Sign up now to get a year of free membership.

Revolutionary Food

Freshest flavors. Curated.

We’ve flown coast to coast to find the best farmers, butchers and ranchers in the country. And we're bringing their food to the World.

We make everything in small-batches and never hold stock. Instead, we ship straight to you, farm-to-fridge. 5X faster than any traditional supermarket.

Radically Fair Pricing

Better food that costs less. It's that simple.

We’re making incredible food radically more affordable. And we do it with one simple idea: no middlemen, no overhead, and no waste.

We hold only the items that customers actually want and we hold just one, premium brand. When you shop with Movebutter, you pay for good food, not a Superbowl ad, and not an expensive physical store.

Infinite Access

The best food in the world. For everyone.

We’re driven by a singular vision: to make the best food in the World accessible and affordable to everyone. Regardless of who they are and where they live. We call it “infinite access.” And through a breakthrough innovation in supply chain, we’re making it happen.

We’re already in more states than any other grocery store in the country. And we’re just getting started.

See-Through Transparency

Know who made your food and what they made.

What if you could trace your food back to the ground?

We believe in radically honest commerce. When you shop with Movebutter, you see who your farmer is, how much they make, and how the food gets to you.

Garden-keepers in the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden Shinjuku Ku Japan

Clear Eyed + Big Hearted

Started with a dream. Not a business plan.

Our Founder and CEO, Chai Mishra saw the exploitation and inefficiency of the food system first hand. So he left his job to work on a bold proposition: A better food value chain. His cofounder and our CPO, Sebastian Werz joined because when he heard that vision, he saw it. Clear-as-day.

We were born as an audacious idea. We were built on thousands of hours of selfless and sleepless work. We look for intense spirits that unapologetically live their dreams and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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