Transparent + Accessible

The future belongs to the underdog and the forgotten.
The way we see it, The Supermarket of The Future needs to have more than just better prices and quality.
It must have better ethics. That’s what we care about building. A company and an industry that work for everyone.

Food Deserts

We donate 1% of profits to NGOs working to bring food to underserved communities.

23.5 Million Americans live in food deserts, with no fresh food around them. Traditional grocers won’t open store for low income or remote communities.

But to us, this is not a political or business issue. And it’s not one we can sleep on. So we act.


Exclusively organic.

Good food is simple food. Good food gives back to the soil and the community it comes from.

That’s why we source exclusively from artisans with a long history of making organic products. We audit each of our products for ecological effect. And, wherever possible, we focus on non-GMO, grassfed and ethically raised food.


See who made your food and know how much money they made.

15% of what you spend at a traditional supermarket goes to the producer. We 4x that.

We think that the purpose of a brand is to tell you a story about what you’re buying. And we think you deserve to know the story of where your money goes.

Infinite Access

Everyone should have access to quality food. Regardless of who they are. Or where they live.

Access to fresh food is still deeply skewed. Traditional supermarkets push most of the Nation’s food into a few small areas, leaving others bone-dry.

That’s why we built Movebutter. By going direct-to-consumers, we can get to anyone in the World. Regardless of where they live or who they are. With no middleman, we can make even the greatest products in the World accessible and affordable.