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The Jam Makers

Thomasville, Georgia


Years Established

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Mary Martin of Thomasville, Georgia carefully crafts a jar of Blueberry Lemon Thyme Jam. The hard work and passion put into just one jar is what is truly inspiring. This kind of dedication has kept The Jam Makers running for almost 30 years.

How We Found It

Our CPO, Sebastian Werz, and his mother traveled across the country on a family road trip in the summer of 2015. They stopped in a small town called Attapulgus, Georgia, on their way to Florida. They entered a small rest stop shop to grab a few fixings for the road. Sebastian’s mother noticed a cute jar of jam on the shelf, that someone had left all by itself. The rest is history.

About The Product

The Jam Makers’ jams and preserves are all handcrafted in Thomasville, Georgia, a welcoming, small Southern town that has served as a source of inspiration for many of our time-tested recipes. Their products have a just-like-mother-made-it good taste, because each is made with all-natural flavors and ingredients.


The products at the Jam Makers use only three ingredients. Well, four if the jam is Blueberry Lemon Thyme or Peach Bourbon Cardamom. Organic fruit, natural sugar, and an extra herb or nut create these delectable, tasty jams. Fruit is handpicked from the farm and taken into the kitchen where they are mashed and mixed with natural cane sugar. This simple process and recipe bring nature right to the jar. The Jam Makers have perfected creating preserves that everybody loves, with quality folks can trust.