1067 Market St #4006, San Francisco, CA 94103

The New Orleans Butcher

New Orleans, Louisiana


Years Established

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Louisiana serves up some of the best meats and seafood in the world, crowning itself as a world renowned restaurant and food city. The New Orleans Butcher has established themselves as one of the best butcher shops in the country for over 50 years. Since 1953, the family operated company has found itself at the forefront of the industry. Specially curated meats from the South’s most prized community are now available.

How We Found It

An old friend had come from NOLA to San Francisco a few years back. Just recently that friendship was rekindled through good food and a few beers. He told us of New Orleans and the variety of meats that you can find down there. We looked a bit more into it and discovered that the New Orleans Butcher had exactly what we wanted to bring the world - a unique sense of culture through food.

About The Product

Meat is only good when the customers are happy. Upon finding the New Orleans Butcher we discovered that customer service was the most important thing to the business. We liked that. They have fresh cuts and organic meats that have been selected by their customers. They offer the right NOLA meats that encompass Southern culture.