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The New Orleans Fishery

New Orleans, Louisiana


Years Established

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Born from the rich and unique culture of New Orleans, the New Orleans Fishery has been a staple of quality and integrity on the Gulf coast. Since their birth in 1990, the company has always provided only the highest standards in seafood the Gulf offers, and other amazing products from around the world.

How We Found It

Lead Brand Designer Mandy Han loves seafood. When we knew we needed the best fish supplier New Orleans could offer, she knew who to turn to. Her dad travels frequently for work and has dined in some of the country’s best seafood restaurants. He met for a business meeting at a restaurant in the South, where they had a special guest come cook the day’s food. That guest was the owner of the New Orleans Fishery. He visited Mandy’s dad’s table and shared a few moments of laughter together. It was someone he would never forget.

About The Product

Louisiana is known for its seafood. Staple NOLA recipes stem from the regions most abundant fish. When the New Orleans Fishery brings in the day’s batch of caught fish, they bring in sustainably raised seafood that retains flavor and freshness. The fish is stored properly with care so that each piece arrives to you like it was just caught from the ocean.