1067 Market St #4006, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Pasta Shop

San Francisco, California


Years Established

Sunny, 73° F

This is a story of immigrants coming to America, in search of a new life. A decision needed to made: maintain familial roots, or assimilate? In 1917, San Francisco offered a space to do both. 100 years later, the family still works hard to share it’s best Italian recipes with the world.

How We Found It

The Pasta Shop has been supplying San Francisco with authentic Italian products for generations. Our own parents have enjoyed their food. And the family, proud owners of the business, want to share their history with the world. Our approach was to slowly build a relationship with the Pasta Shop. We began conversing over email and the family immediately invited us to come to the office. Right away we were introduced to the entire team and offered several amazing products. Our relationship with them has been nothing but kind and full of trust.

About The Product

The Pasta Shop is a diverse producer of food products, specializing in authentic Italian fresh-filled pastas, sauces, as well as a variety of traditional-style foods. They’ve shared best selling recipes throughout San Francisco for generations. And they’re excited to share it with you.