1067 Market St #4006, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Produce Market

San Leandro, California


Years Established

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Humble beginnings set the path for decades of dedication. To truly work hard meant that this family hung on tight to their values, never compromising them for a second. Since 1947, this family has put their business and family first, developing what is one of the most trustworthy businesses in California. Quality produce from an honest source.

How We Found It

The Produce Market has embedded itself in the Bay Area for 70 years, and continues to make an impression on everyone who consumes their food. High quality, organic produce is sustainably sourced and brought from the farm to you. It was no question that we had to bring the rest of the country, with no access to fresh fruits and vegetables, this family-run business and their incredible efforts to grow quality produce.

About The Product

The Produce Market has dedicated their lives to providing you with organic produce that is fresh-cut and carefully processed. Fruits and vegetables are California grown and are tended to with the best practices and methods of farming. California’s rich soil and Mediterranean climate yield plants that are nourishing and enriching.