1067 Market St #4006, San Francisco, CA 94103

The San Francisco Butcher

San Francisco, California


Years Established

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The San Francisco Butcher was established in 1977 by Jim and Patty as a continuation of the family’s history in the restaurant and food supply industry. The family has been serving the Bay Area for years, and now they are serving the entire country.

How We Found It

We’re big foodies. And that means trying new things any chance we get. When we were out at the Ferry Building’s weekly farmer’s market, we stumbled upon a booth that was selling freshly cooked cuts of angus steak. Best steak ever? Yes. We struck up a conversation with the folks running the booth. We created a lasting relationship that turned into a business partnership.

About The Product

Years of focused experience and a passion for excellence is the foundation of The San Francisco Butcher’s success. The president, James, began his career when he was 8 years old by helping his father run a local butcher and grocery shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. This early start, combined with years of practical wisdom regarding the food industry passed on through generations, has provided James with an intimate knowledge of the demands for quality that establishments need to meet to stay competitive.