1067 Market St #4006, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Mill

Monterey, California


Years Established

Sunny, 83° F

A family run company who pays their employees to bike to work, The Mill is committed to supply fresh, organic foods that are powered by the sun. This small but influential company resides on the sunny, central coast of California. There, a family operates honestly, providing high quality service and high quality snacks.

How We Found It

A commitment to high quality organic food lends trust in a product. We discovered The Mill the moment we opened a package of almond granola and fell in love. This was years ago. And upon the creation of Movebutter, our CEO Chai Mishra, remembered this sweet encounter and decided this is what the world needed.

About The Product

The Mill offers nutritious, ecologically respectful, and sustainable foods to communities. Products are made the way nature intended and contain no unhealthy trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial colorings or preservatives. Each product is carefully curated. The Dry Goods Company takes the time to select each item and their ingredients, making sure that you get the right dry good you deserve.


The Mill’s complete line of certified organic and naturally grown nuts and seeds, trail mixes, dried fruits, grains, beans, and more aids and supports an authentic lifestyle. Their manufacturing facility is significantly solar powered, and we embrace sustainable farming practices, energy usage, recycling, and freshness. Their goal is to enhance connections between consumers, retail stores, farmers, and suppliers.