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16 jars per box. $3 per jar.
Your Daily Nutrition
Per Pack
Flavors Per Box

Yeah, It’s Basically
Rocket Science

If it worked for Neil Armstrong, it’ll work
for you too.

We’ve designed MoonBlocks to deliver a
perfect balance of well-rounded nutrition
and sustained energy. All while being
super-easy to store, carry and consume.

Each pack of has 25 - 30 blocks.
Eat them together and replace a meal.
Parcel them out through the day for
crash-free energy.

Where Your Money Goes






Blocks Just Work Better

To achieve full-day energy, we needed to make it easier to distribute the carbohydrate intake throughout the day. At the same time, to make the most convenient meal replacement in The World, we had to make sure that the snack was easy to carry.

That’s how we came up with the block design. The small portions mean that energy is consumed and released in smaller, more tactile portions, instead of intense highs or lows.

The cubical shape and solid form also make the blocks uber-light and easy to carry. Just drop in your bag and get off to the races!

“Taste so good, you’ll forget how good they are for you”

To make a meal-replacement that folks would actually want to eat, we knew we had to reinvent the cookbook.

Our chefs sought out classic North-American flavors and paired them together in imaginative new ways. As a result, they’ve created taste profiles that are compelling but deeply balanced. Together, that makes for a snack that you just. can’t. stop. eating.