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Indonesia Mocha Java

$14.00 10.0 oz

Grown on small farms and picked in micro lots, our Indonesia Java Sunda is an rare find for it's region. Nutty, malty, chocolaty, bright and sweet, this coffee comes from the east side in the Ijen volcano complex. Its that volcanic birth that seeps through in every sip of this coffee. The rare Typica beans give the coffee a relatively heavy body, while the wet-processing and dark roast create a pronounced complexity. All together, the coffee flourishes and proudly lives up to it's name as one of greatest of all time. To understand good Java coffee is to recognize Indonesia, in all it's beautiful, tangled and layered glory.

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  • Ground Coffee

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Country of Origin: USA

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Indonesia Mocha Java
$14.00 10.0 oz

Indonesia Mocha Java

Indonesia Mocha Java
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Works like a charm on its own.
Changes lives when combined.

An effervescent body with bright acidity. A famously rustic flavor with a lingering finish and herbaceous subtleties in the aftertaste.

Cups per bag

Hours between roasting and delivery

Cost per cup

From the Island of Java

Cultivation Season: May/June-August/September
Roast - to - door: 2 Days

Our Indonesia Java Sunda comes from one of the oldest farms in the region. One of the few in the region that still grows the oldest most prized cultivars Typica. Here, the coffee is planted alongside crops of rice and vegetables for the local markets. The coffee then comes to Oakland, CA in 132lb bags. After being roast-to-order, the coffee is placed in valve-sealed bags and shipped to customers.

Simple. Sure. Smooth.

The Perfect Cup

We worked with our Chief Barista to create a coffee recipe
that works every time, without fail. As a result, our coffee is ground and
measured to perfection, so the cup works for you, not the
other way around.

Step 1


Prepare by boiling 350ml (1.5 cups) of water. Place your filter in the brewer and rinse it with one half cup of the hot water. This will remove residue, set your filter and heat up the brewer.

Step 2


Add 4 tablespoons of the ground coffee to the now wet filter. Make sure that the coffee is even and goes up to atleat half the height of the brewer. Now, start the bloom pour: slowly pour 1/4th cup of water, spiralling from outward to in. At the same time, stir the coffee grounds gently, ensuring an even spread and saturated drip.

Step 3


Pause about 30 seconds so the coffee can bloom and realize it's full flavor and aroma. Then being pouring again. Stop intermittently to allow the waterline to go an inch down. When it does, begin pouring again. When all the water is gone, you'll be left with a perfect cup of coffee.

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