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The Coffee Pioneer Box
$30.00 30.0 oz

The Coffee Pioneer Box

The Coffee Pioneer Box
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The Coffee Pioneer Box

Three Award Winning Coffees from Three Different Countries.

Adventure + Function

We’ve made a coffee subscription that accomplishes both.
So affordable that you’ll never have to buy
grocery store coffee again. And so flavorful
that you’ll never want to.

Per Cup of Coffee
Cups of Coffee Per Box

We went looking for the
best ground coffee
on the planet

Our artisans find the greatest beans in rainforests, plantations and mountains around the World. We bring the raw, hard coffee beans to America where we test it’s properties for days. Finally, once we understand it’s character perfectly, we design the best roast and grind for that specific bean. As a result, every cup of coffee feels tailor-made for you and for that moment.

Roasted and Ground
to Perfection in Oakland, CA.

Freshly harvested around the World, the green coffee beans come into our hometown roastery in California. In Oakland, the beans are roasted in 10lb batches, by West Coast craftsmen who’ve spent their entire lives in coffee. As the roast nears it’s most perfect point, the coffee opens up and the flavors flourish. The fully realized coffee is then ground and bagged, to be delivered within 48 hours.

Learn by Drinking

Every Pioneer box comes with tasting cards. These cards help you spot notes, understand flavor profiles and decode aromas. The box, and the cards inside it, are a window into not just the craft and culture of coffee, but also the hopes and dreams of the people behind it.

Two words.
Simple and affordable.

Costs less than
a trip to a cafe.

Exploration should not be a luxury. With the pioneer box, we've made the Greatest coffees in the World, accessible to everyone.

At just 66¢ per cup, the Pioneer box costs less than a grocery store brand or a trip to the cafe. You could say that we've made it irresponsible to not drink better coffee.

Made for ease.
Easy to make.

Roasted and Ground by experts. A good cup of coffee works for you, not the other way around. That's why are beans are roasted and ground with extreme precision. Our basristas and roasters have made it impossible to get this coffee wrong. Just follow our simple 3S brew process and get the perfect cup. Every time.

Never run out of
coffee or ideas.

You don't eat the same lunch everyday. Then why drink the same coffee for 15 straight years? Sit back and open yourself up to something entirely new. Take our hand and let us introduce you the World's Greatest Coffees.