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Wild Sashimi-Style Swordfish Steak

4.91 | 292 Reviews

$6.00 7.0 oz

Only the best cuts of swordfish are accepted for Sashimi. This flavorful fish won’t hide behind any sauces or seasonings, so you’ll need to pair it with other ingredients on the side. Our Wild Sashimi-Style Swordfish Steaks are sliced from wild-caught, quality swordfish to lend the best taste to your culinary creations.

Nutrition Per 1 oz

  • Calories 41
  • Fats 2g
  • Cholesterol 19mg
  • Sodium 23mg
  • Carbs 0g
  • Sugars 0g
  • Fiber 0g
  • Protein 6g
Wild Sashimi-Style Swordfish Steak
$6.00 7.0 oz

Wild Sashimi-Style Swordfish Steak

Wild Sashimi-Style Swordfish Steak
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The San Francisco Fishery

The finest fish in the Bay can be found at the San Francisco Fishery. The seafood that is caught on the West Coast is some of the freshest in the country. With almost 40 years of service, the San Francisco Fish House has brought the Golden State high quality foods, and now they are bringing it to you.

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Reviews (292)

4.91 Overall Rating

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We wanted to try something a little more “exotic” and decided to give swordfish a try! Very nice cut of fish, good coloring, not too “fishy” and cooked up nicely with lemon and pepper.

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