Turns out,
food tastes a lot better
without the middleman.

See what we mean by supermarket of the future

We invested in Movebutter because it is a bold and imaginative redesign of the classic Supermarket. Through sheer innovation, they're making the entire food system more accessible and ethical.

Joe Montana, Hall of Fame 49ers Quarterback

They've spent months finding the greatest food and flavor in America. And it shows. This is the level of food quality that real chefs eat and it is miles ahead of anything you'd find in the average supermarket.

Jason Wang, Restaurateur, Caviar and Halal Guys

In an industry that's obsessed with 'generic' and 'knock-off' brands, This is the first 21st-century grocery brand, built around what people care about: quality, affordability, transparency, and community.

Matt Bellamy, Rockstar and Lead Singer of Muse

Movebutter didn't start with a product and find a social mission. It started the exact opposite way. There’s an honest desire to affect real social change.

Sebastian Werz, Chief Product Officer at Movebutter

This is a monumental mission. But we choose to do this. Not because it is easy. Not because it is hard. Because it needs to be done.

Chai Mishra, CEO of MOVEBUTTER

This is a godsend.
Before movebutter came along,
I couldn't have afforded these products
or this quality. I couldn’t even
find it if i tried. Suddenly,
it’s a click away.

Ruth Smith, Customer