The Vision

Starting a company is tough. There are a lot of sleepless nights and moments of deep self-doubt.

But the thing that gets you through it, is a principle. A reason to show up to work on the worst days; A reason for your company to exist. For us, that vision starts and ends with human beings.

Today a third of Americans still have limited access to fresh food, simply because of the neighborhood they live in. Entire districts are still food deserts, with no grocery stores. The food system is still deeply skewed, giving some regions tremendous amounts of food and taking it away from others.

Movebutter is for those humans. Our operating principle is to create better access. We never forget what this company is about. It’s about finding the greatest products in the World and making them accessible and affordable to everyone. Regardless of where they may live.

The Product

We see our product as the day-to-day execution of our big vision. Everything from the graphics of this website, to the design of our jars falls into that category.

That’s why we approach product as a daily exercise, as a field where you can come in day-after-day and far exceed the work you did the day before. Totally start over.

That’s because, more than anything else, we believe in the value of consistent and ruthless improvement. Especially in moments when we encounter a problem with no obvious solution.

But if we make the customer experience our priority, and chase that intensely, answers just start to open up. Out of nowhere.

We love that. It’s challenging. And painful, at times. But it’s also deeply rewarding.

The Brand

Designing Movebutter’s brand posed an interesting challenge: How do you design a brand that stands for your values and not just one product.

The answer, we found, lies in breakthrough simplicity.

Everything we do at Movebutter is driven by a deep and heartfelt optimism for the future. No one owns the future and no one has won it yet. So what if the ancient industry we’re going up against has money or resources? The future belongs to everyone. The future belongs to the underdog and the underserved. That’s why we called Movebutter “The Supermarket of The Future”

The size of the challenge means very little. The vision, the confidence and the innovation become far more important. If you say what you’re looking to make, and just do it, change will come.

You really can shoot for the moon. So we did.

The Community

We think that most retailers have a strange relationship with their customers. Customers seem to have little say in what the retailer sells. Or where it comes from. Or even how ethical the retailer is.

Beyond that, retailers have a hard time making changes based off customer feedback. There’s very little that a traditional supermarket can do when you don’t like a product they sell you.

With Movebutter, we’re changing that. Our customers are members of a community. And every decision that we make, we make as a group.

Whether it’s deciding which types of soap we should sell or figuring out what our next great endeavor should be, we believe in asking the one person that really matters: the customer.

We think we can change what consumers know about their products and how they interact with them. And we believe that we can democratize food.